Put yourself in another’s shoes to greater understand the inner workings of another’s mind

You don’t need the ability of an empath to make an attempt to put yourself into the mind of another person.

Here a few basic things I have learned that I believe to be helpful in ‘putting yourself in another’s else’s shoes’.

— Make NO assumptions when meeting another person for the first time; If you allow your personal bias to influence your perspective on the onset then you have already put yourself at a disadvantage

— Ask with ‘genuine’ curiosity with no apparent motive in mind towards others and they are far more likely to display a more truthful and unoffensive stance when they respond

— Only when we are able to convince another that we are genuinely looking out for their best interests, will allow the person a ‘safe space’ to let you into their internal world, one piece at a time

— By being aware of your own personal bias and prejudice prior to engagement with another can greatly assist in enabling others to open up in the ways that they feel is natural and comfortable

— Without some form of ongoing rapport between any two individuals,  it can allow room for ‘selfish emotions’ that generally drive the level of openness and curiosity to dissipate. Thus an ongoing mutual connection is far more likely to bear bear the fruit of emotional expression, which is the essence of understanding another’s mind

— By listening to certain tones of voice, bodily gestures, the changing of subjects when issues that do no want to be discussed, noticing changes in emotional state and many other forms of identifying how another is thinking and feeling, lays the groundwork for developing a consistent level of rapport


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