The mental distortions of depression

The world which once shun light in infinite vibrant colours is now consumed by a darkness which appears to have no form yet seems to have limitless power.

The power I speak is like a second shadow only, instead of following the actions of the owner of the shadow, it insidiously creeps up inside one’s mind and burrows deep beneath your inner conscience making little alterations here and there but not enough to be noticeable nor preventable.

It is the cancer in your mind that you are unable to expunge. The creator of misery and further suffering. It feeds on negativity, this monster has no rational demands so bargaining is off the table.

Ignorance can be bliss yet a dangerous route, waking up a week later looking at actions that you have come about.

It is when constant mindfulness and  bringing oneself back to the reality,  that one has the power to see and bring out one’s best side even when one’s worst side is wearing their skin.


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