An attempt to define anxiety

There are many definitions of anxiety and it can come it many forms. Anxiety as a whole can result in a certain feeling of uncertainty, increased breath rate, increased speed of the number of thoughts that are going around in your head, thoughts that seem ‘irrational’ or potential future outcomes that seem completely far-fetched upon later reflection.
These are just some of the ways in which our body responds to “perceived threats”
Anxiety is a healthy natural response and is very useful in preparing for things/threats to come that are unknown.
It can become unhealthy when too much time is dedicated to this thought pattern/body reaction I described above as both the body and the mind can become trapped in this mentality.

If too much time throughout the day is spent preparing for perceived threats, it will not leave enough time and energy to actually deal with these perceived threats in the moment in which they occur. This is when it can become troublesome for some people.

Not everyone is equipped with self activating methods to prevent this anxious feeling from going overboard causing over-stimulation over and extended period of time.
By self activating methods I mean quite simply, taking a brief moment to take a look where you are from a birds eye perspective, acknowledge and review the thoughts that are running around your head and start to dismiss the ones that are not actually logical or need to be acted upon. It is only when we are looking inside ourselves from a non critical and non judgemental angle that we can see potential for change in our lives