Observations of homo-sapiens (humans)

— The harder you try and hide your agenda , the more obvious it becomes

— People are terrible liars, their eyes are generally unable to conceal at the most critical of times

— Whilst people do their best to appear be motivated by selflessness, yet if you look deeper, it is purely a denial of oneself motivated by self-interest

— The more complex a fake persona an individual puts on, the easier it is to see the cracks and imperfections of this persona that one desperately tries so hard to hide. Alternatively when one acts genuinely, the noticeable imperfections still stand out, but seem to matter a whole lot less.

–The ‘doers’ of every age assist to move the wheel forward, whilst thinkers are always trying to reinvent the wheel. Both are necessary for man to move forward.

— You cannot begin to understand anybody else until you put yourself in their shoes

–Polite conversations occur when one is being least authentic

–The human condition has aggressive tendencies, some people display this through physical and emotional violence, whilst some achieve the same ends with passive aggressive tendencies

–Only the select few have the courage to at themselves inwardly

— The ones who claim they want to change their lives are the ones who have forgotten to appreciate what they already have to continuously nurture this.

— When a new individual comes into ones life, it has the potential to create and unlock doors that where once conceived impossible

— We are easily influenced by our emotions, which have a tendency to disguise themselves as what appears to be a logical decision free from the influence of emotion

— People are easily offended when you show and tell them things that they do not want to see or hear

— Peoples perception of self changes based on what they view to be physically or mentally appealing